Services to the European REScoops

Services to the European REScoops wants to develop services that are valuable to the European energy cooperatives. We are currently working on e-car sharing, IT, financing and academics. Luckily we don't have to develop these services all by ourselves. Through various European projects we join forces with reliable partners of which many are cooperatives. Please get in contact with our coordinator Daan Creupelandt - daan.creupelandt(at) - to get more information on these services.

E-mobility – With support from some existing e-car sharing cooperatives (e.g., Partago, SomMobilitat, Courant d'Air, Ecotxe and Lochem Energie) we intend to set up an entity that will allow all European REScoops to provide e-car sharing services to their members. The application - which will allow people to make online reservations for e-cars - will be owned by this entity and shared with the members. 

IT – Although many REScoops develop similar activities, they all have their own IT system. We are convinced that through international collaboration the cooperatives we can benefit from economies of scale. In order to explore potential synergies a first workshop on IT will be organised in Girona (Spain) on 3 February 2017.

Financing – Renewable energy projects typically require large investments at the beginning, making it hard for starting REScoops to launch their first projects. Our experience is that local citizens come on board more easily once the project is operational. Established REScoops on the other hand  raise funds more easily but sometimes lack good projects, leaving them with unused funds in their bank accounts. and Enercoop are currently working on a solution. A financing tool will provide temporal equity (not loans!) to starting cooperatives and take ownership of their project. Once the project is operational the local coop will then get the chance to raise the funds from local citizens. Note that the fund will not finance the development costs, only the final construction. In addition, the financing tool will allow energy cooperatives to scale-up the size of individual projects. 

Academics – Many researchers and academics are following-up on community energy and energy democracy. Through the Basecamp platform we try to put these researchers in contact with one another. The academics network is open to anyone interested in the European REScoops.