Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

REScoops have a local character. They produce energy from local sources with the support of local citizens. Ecopower, Courant d'Air, Enercoop, SOM Energia and Energy4All are developing renewable energy projects in their particular countries. Listed below are the projects now in their investment pipeline. 

Ecopower - Belgium

  • Mol - Ecopower is developing a 8 x 3MW wind project.
  • Bilzen - Ecopower is developing a 3 x 2MW wind project. 
  • Sint-Truiden - Ecopower is developing a 3 x 2MW wind project.
  • Ranst - Ecopower is developing a 3 x 3MW wind project.
  • Schoten - Ecopower is developing a 3 x 2MW wind project. 
  • Eeklo - Ecopower is developing another wind project.
  • Eeklo - Ecopower is developing a district heating network.
  • Malle - Ecopower is developing a 3 x 2MW wind project.
  • Mechelen - Ecopower is developing a 3 x 2MW wind project. 
  • Sint-Niklaas - Ecopower is developing a 2 MW wind project.
  • Asse - Ecopower is helping the municipality to switch to a boiler that uses wood waste.

Courant d’Air - Belgium

  • Burg-Reuland - Courant d’Air is developing a 6 x 3MW wind project.
  • Sankt-Vith and Malmedy - Courant d’Air is developing a 5-7 x 3MW wind project.
  • Amel and Büllingen - Courant d’Air is developing a 5 - 7 x 3MW wind project. 
  • Bütgenbach - Courant d'Air is developing a 10kW solar project.
  • Bütgenbach - Courant d'Air is developing a local district heating network.
  • Wallonia - Courant d'Air is developing a biomass project.

Enercoop - France

  • St. Julien Labrouse (Region Rhône-Alpes) - Enercoop is working on a 2 x 500kW wind project.
  • Tapies (Region Languedoc-Roussillon) - Enercoop is working on a 4 x 900kW wind project. 
  • Grenoble (Region Rhône-Alpes) - Enercoop is working a 9kW solar installation. 
  • Lums de Larzac (Region Midi-Pyrénées) - Enercoop is working on a 9kW solar installation. 
  • Aubais (Region Languedoc-Rousillon) - Enercoop is developing a 250kW solar project.
  • St. Sebastien d’Aigrefeuille (Gard Region) - Enercoop is developing a 2MW solar project. 
  • Cètres (Region Midi-Pyrénées) - Enercoop is developing a 250kW biogas plant. 


Energy4All - United Kingdom

  • High Winds is a 2 x 2.3 MW cooperative wind project (£3.9m). The project should be fully operational by June 2016.
  • Wey Valley is a 560 kW of solar PV project (£204,000). The project is fully operational now.
  • Edinburgh Solar is a 1.5 MW roof mounted solar project on 25 buildings (£1.47m). The project will be complete in September 2016.
  • Rumbling Bridge is a 500 kW run-of-river hydro power project (£2.9m). The project will be fully operational in September 2016.
  • Killington is 50 kW hydro scheme (£440,000) that will be complete in September 2016.
  • Schools Co-op is a 447 kW (and potentially 1.4 MW) solar PV project (£1.13m). It will be complete later this year.
  • Cnoc Morail is a 5 x 2.3 MW wind farm. The project is in its initial development stage.
  • Springbok consists of 2x200 kW biomass boilers and a district heating scheme (£279,000).
  • Total investment: : £10,323,000


SOM Energia - Spain

In June 2015, Som Energia launched “Generation kWh” as a response to the lack of support for renewable energy production in Spain. Members are invited to provide the cooperative with a zero interest loan. The money is used to finance new RES projects, and members can then buy the electricity at cost price for at least 20 years.

  • Toledo - SOM Energia is developing a 500 kW hydro power installation.
  • Viure de l'aire del cielo - SOM Energia has obtained a license to construct a 2,7MW wind project.
  • Alcolea del Rio - SOM Energia has invested 2.041.025 euro in a 2MW solar installation.