Organisation was legally set up in 2013 as a Belgian non-profit association (association sans but lucratif). Although officially based in Brussels, our premises are located in Berchem (Belgium), close to the station. Our address is vzw | Posthoflei 3 bus 3 | 2600 Berchem.


Dirk Vansintjan | President | +32 486 39 22 12

Dirk Vansintjan is Belgian and holds the position of President. As one of the founding members of Ecopower - a Belgian renewable energy cooperative with 50,000 members - he is quite known in the European corridors. Dirk has been working in the renewable energy sector since 1985 and still pushes for energy democracy. He is responsible for community engagement.

Daan Creupelandt | Coordinator | +32 493 400 931

Daan is Belgian and holds the position of Coordinator. He used to work for Ecopower where he successfully managed the REScoop 20-20-20 project. Daan deals with the finances, the administration and HR. He coordinates our services and is the main contact for the projects CITYnvest and REScoop MECISE. 

Stanislas d'Herbemont | Project Manager | +32 493 400 932

Stanislas - also known as Stan - is French and holds the position of Project Manager. Stan used to be the coordinator of Tournesol Microgrids, an organisation that supports decentralised energy systems throughout Europe. Stan is managing REScoop Plus, PV Financing and supports Vaiva on the management responsibilities in WiseGRID.

Vaiva Indilaite | Project Manager | +32 493 400 934

Vaiva is Lithuanian and holds the position of project manager. She did her Masters’ in smart grid development management and is a Mechanical Engineer. Vaiva is responsible for the WiseGRID project and supports our work with her tremendous expertise on smart grid technology.

Josh Roberts | Advocacy Officer | +32 493 400 933

Josh Roberts is American and holds the position of Advocacy Officer. He used to work with ClientEarth and is one of the driving forces in the Community Energy Coalition. Josh takes the lead on our advocacy work.

Sara Tachelet | Communications Officer | +32 493 400 935

Sara Tachelet is Belgian and holds the position of Communications Officer. She did her Masters' in Communication Studies and is experienced in Marketing. Sara is responsible for the communication and dissemination activities for our federation and supports Vaiva on the coordination of the communication campaign in WiseGRID.

Board of Directors

The board of directors is elected by the general assembly for 4-year terms. Members are eligible for re-election. The board takes important decisions related to policy, strategy and organisational planning. Board members control the budgets and supervise the coordinator. Their decisions are taken by absolute majority. The board currently consists of 4 members: 

  • Ecopower (Belgium) - represented by Dirk Vansintjan (president)
  • SOM Energia (Spain) - represented by Gijsbert Huijink (vice-president)
  • De Windvogel (Netherlands) - represented by Siward Zomer (secretary)
  • Enercoop (France) - represented by Julien Noé (treasurer)

General Assembly

The general assembly includes all of our members, both full members and associate members. Full members have voting rights and are either individual REScoops or national or regional federations. Associate members do not have voting rights and are non-governmental organisations, related associations, companies or individual citizens. The general assembly respects the democratic voting principle of “one member, one vote”, and decisions are always taken by absolute majority. The general assembly has the following responsibilities:

  • Adoption or modification of internal rules
  • All decision exceeding the legal power of the board
  • Approval or rejection of budgets and financial accounts
  • Approval or dismissal of board members
  • Discharge of liability of board members
  • Amendments to the charter
  • Approval or exclusion of federation members
  • Dissolution of the organisation

Partnerships is a full member and sector association of Cooperatives Europe, the European branch of the International Cooperative Alliance. Cooperatives Europe represents the voice of 160,000 cooperative enterprises and their 123 million members. European cooperatives provide sustainable jobs to 5.4 million citizens. is a member of the Coalition for Energy Savings, a network of associations and companies who strive to make energy efficiency and energy savings number one priority when setting energy and economic policies. is also member of the Community Energy Coalition in which we join forces with Friends of the Earth Europe, Greenpeace, BEUC, ClientEarth, Bankwatch, CAN Europe, Climate Alliance, Energy Cities, Housing Europe and WWF.