WP1 : Management - Delivrables related to the management of the project

WP2 : Statistical testing of the decrease in consumption for REScoop members - Delivrables linked with the Statistical Ananlysis of the Technical University of Crete

WP3 : Behavioral Analysis - Delivrables linked with the behavioral analysis of the energy consumption of the REScoop members by the University of Twente

  • D3.3. Effectivness Report 1 (In progress - 02/2018)
  • D3.4. Effectivness Report 2

WP4 : Sharing and selecting the best practices - Delivrables linked with the selection and sharing of the best practices of the partner REScoops

  • D4.3. Best Practices Toolkit (In progress - 08/2018)

WP5 : Implementation of the best practice approach in supplying REScoops

  • D5.1. Action plans for implementing the toolkit (In progress - 08/2018)
  • D5.2. Report of implementation workshops (In progress - 08/2018)
  • D5.3. Report of In-house training (In progress - 12/2018)
  • D5.4. Final and Improved Toolkit (In progress - 12/2018)

WP6 : Legal Support and Advocacy