Become a member

Become a member

Part of our work is financed with annual membership fees. Membership contributions are decided by the general assembly and cover a full calendar year. Membership fees are usually due in the Summer or whenever there's a new application. Our coordinator will send you a reminder when payment is due. REScoops that want to join our federation should fill out the application form and send it to our coordinator Daan Creupelandt ( He will then provide you with further instructions. Hereafter you will find the annual membership contributions.

Full members

  • ​Start-up members: for small or starting REScoops with limited resources: € 100
  • Sustainable members: for medium-sized RES-coops with an established model: € 1,000
  • Support members: for larger REScoops whose stability allows them to contribute to REScoop’ s further development: >1,000 euro (free donation)

Associate members

  • Associate members: € 500.00
  • Partners: € 100.00